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 Pricing and Trends

In these times, everyone has a budget of some kind for every part of their wedding or event.

We strive to meet every client's wants and budget. Some pricing will vary depending on style, flower and time of the year. The following is a wide range of prices that reflect weddings, receptions, events and parties. Always call 816.523.3323 to set up an appointment for a more accurate estimate and to discuss what other services you may need. You can also email me directly at or We can also act as your support staff at any venue.

We also offer services from pinning on your corsages to setting up your party favors. Each bride or clients’ needs are specific so all pricing is done on a one-to-one basis and when you have your appointment, you will leave with your own designed floral estimate and the pricing as well. That is the true trend of this year...CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Bridal Bouquets.... hand-tied is still very popular; however, European cascades are making a comeback. There are still classic looks of white and cream, but spring and summer brides are turning to color. Purple and blue are trendy colors. There are plenty of spring and summer flowers in those shades, including hydrangeas. Fall and winter looks will feature rich shades of browns, greens, cranberries and fire oranges. Ranges $125-300 (for those large, long cascades)

Maids' Bouquets...hand-tied is the number one attendant’s floral, but with unique wrapping and accessories, your maids can compliment your bouquet while not competing! Colors especially, purples, blues, greens and oranges are this year's great looks. Ranges $45-75

For the Men's' classic boutonnieres (roses and mini callas) are still the favorites but now we are using simpler flowers such as green hypericum berries and the sophisticated mini orchids. Some of our weddings haven't even had boutonnieres! Just a splash of color still looks the best, but cream is really making a comeback. Ranges $8-15

For the Women's corsages have broadened to include the pin on and wrist but now some mothers are opting for a hand-held mini bouquet or nothing at all! Usually, we match corsages with the wedding flowers or the color of the dress. Ranges $15-25


Some churches are not allowing decorations; however, many sites just need a little touch.

The popular arbor/trellis has a range of pricing! Just because you use all greenery can sometimes be just as expensive as flower creations. Most of these designs begin at $250 minimum on up. Our most elaborate creation was over $1000.

Pews/Aisles- Bows or tulle still is very popular, but many are choosing to add a little touch of flowers, nothing much, just a touch. In the spring and summer, fresh ivy is always in.

Altar- many couples choose to decorate candelabra and to place florals at the front (ones they can also use at the reception). Don't be afraid to use florals twice! Everyone is doing it! Ranges $5 (pew bows) $30 on up (florals on candelabra or arrangements)

Most couples are budgeting $100-600 for any church or ceremony site decorations.


Cake Flowers- Many couples are opting for a very simple cake and adding their own design with flowers that match the wedding. Imagine, you love gerbera daisies and they just don't go with your dress-use them on the cake! We always include the throw bouquet as the topper (unless you have something else) and draw out the specific look you want. Make it fun or make it a masterpiece. It's your cake so enjoy. Ranges $30-150

Table Arrangements-depending on your venue you may want all the pieces to match or you may want to go with the popular trend of 3 to 4 different designs. The look as you enter the venue is classic and dramatic. If want to go with height we have several props for your design. If you are in need of votives to give that intimate cocktail glow we can furnish hundreds. Candlelight is definitely a trend that your budget can love! Ranges $2 (votive with candles)- $35 (on the average) Obviously, there are many floral ideas that can be done for $10 and others that run $75 and on up.

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