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Posted by clarasflowers on January 17, 2020 at 6:35 PM

      Whether you are planning a wedding or working every day, or planning a wedding and working every day, life keeps going on. Here we are in 2020. Weddings have changed so much in the last few years. There are so many vendors to choose from, and so many ideas and budgets. 

      Greenery became so popular that now it is pricier, but if you are on a budget, you can purchase it by the bunch and do it yourself. Most of the cost (the greenery too) is in the design at the venue. That takes time, and time can be expensive. I can show you how to do it so you can stay in your budget. 

      Candles are still so popular, but more venues are requiring battery operated lights. I love them! There's nothing prettier than fairy lights within a vase. They look like little fireflies. I also still love mercury votives in gold or silver. I don't currently carry rose gold, but that is becoming a color that is really popular.

      Deep jewel tones are still trending, but slate blues, and pearl pinks are taking over for spring. Peach and cream tones are blending with champagne and rose golds. Muted palettes are mixed with pops of hot pinks and purple.

      The hydrangeas is still the go-to flower because they offer you a large bang for your buck, but roses are coming in strong. Hopefully, the weather in South America and California will stabilize and give us back those beautiful full blooms. Garden roses are very trendy, but they come with a hefty price tag. Ranunculus make me happy, and calla lilies remain one of the most elegant flowers.

      I'd probably advise every bride to check who or what she needs flowers for, and then find a realistic budget. With many brides choosing over five bridesmaids, and over twenty guest tables, a low budget will make you very disappointed. Yes, you can use your maids' flowers, but keep in mind the more maids, the more the cost. Maybe you forget corsages and boutonnieres. Maybe you don't decorate at the church. That will help the budget. Maybe you do candles or hurricanes on the tables. Maybe you skip guest gifts and offer them a great is all up to you.

      Just like everyone else you talk to, I am available for free advice! While you plan a wedding, you'll get plenty of ideas and advice, all free of charge. Depending on what you think of that advice, it may be worth it to talk to a tried and true professional to get a better idea on a realistic budget and flowers that are available. Oh, and make sure all of your vendors have a business license, charge sales tax, and have their own insurance. Most venues require all of that. And by the way, yes, I have all those lovely govenement documents.

      My words of wisdom, ENJOY! Enjoy the planning, the time with family, and your future spouse. Above all, enjoy the wedding day and try to hold all of those moments in your heart! #goweddings!

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